• What is the recommended rate per IP address?
    • $0.30-0.6$ (EUR) per IP address per month. Usually, discounts apply for larger blocks or longer rental periods
  • What is the smallest block/quantity of IP addresses I can lease / lease out ?
    • We recommend having 256 or a single Class C /24 block as a smallest. Most common rental is /22
  • How long can I lease/rent/lease out this IPv4 address space?
    • As we focus on long term rental 6 month period is the shortest period. However, we recommend working with 1-year contracts to avoid spam and abuse of the space.
  • Will rental space IP addresses work with my company’s ISP ?
    • Of course. We supply you a Letter Of Authorization (LOA) which allows you to operate using specific IP address space. Your ISP or You as ISP running Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) with you will then announce your addresses to the rest of the world.
  • Do I need to own a router and operate BGP ?
    • No. You can use the LOA (Letter of Authorization) to allow your ISP to announce them for you, without having to operate a BGP network of your own. Your ISP will announce them accessible via their Autonomous System Number (ASN)

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